Case overview

The Felix Hotel, a luxury establishment nestled in the heart of Lisbon, partnered with us to enhance their guest experience through cutting-edge access control solutions and advanced intercom setups. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled comfort and convenience to their guests, The Felix Hotel aimed to integrate access control with their management software and implement intercom systems with facial recognition capabilities.

The Brief

The Felix Hotel envisioned a seamless and secure experience for their guests. They required a sophisticated access control system that seamlessly integrated with their existing management software, streamlining guest check-in, room access, and overall management. In addition, they sought to implement an intercom system that featured state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, offering guests a frictionless and secure entry experience while enhancing staff efficiency.

Our Approach

To meet The Felix Hotel’s discerning needs, our approach was both comprehensive and innovative. We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of their existing infrastructure, understanding their unique requirements, and identifying opportunities for integration. For access control, we proposed a solution that seamlessly integrated with their management software, enabling swift and secure guest check-ins, access management, and room assignments.

In response to their desire for enhanced security and convenience, we designed and implemented a cutting-edge intercom system featuring advanced facial recognition technology. This intercom setup not only streamlined guest entry but also improved staff efficiency by automating guest identification and access authorization.

The Results

Our collaboration with The Felix Hotel yielded remarkable outcomes that transformed guest experiences and operational efficiency. The integrated access control system eliminated the hassle of traditional check-ins, enabling guests to access their rooms seamlessly. The intercom system with facial recognition technology provided an efficient and secure way for guests to access the hotel’s premises, making their stay both comfortable and safe.

By successfully integrating these solutions, we helped The Felix Hotel enhance its reputation as a technology-forward establishment dedicated to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Our approach not only improved guest satisfaction but also empowered the hotel’s staff to provide personalized services more efficiently.

In conclusion, our partnership with The Felix Hotel exemplifies how innovative access control and intercom solutions can redefine guest experiences within the hospitality industry. Through our tailored approach, we empowered The Felix Hotel to offer a secure, convenient, and technologically advanced stay for their guests, solidifying their status as a premier luxury destination in Lisbon.